Shilpashree Investigative Report Award 2010

Dear friends
I have instituted a media award : Shilpashree Investigative Report Award, which carries a cash prize of Rs. 50,000 (Rs. Fifty thousands) and a certificate. The award details are enclosed in the pdf document herewith.
The award will be an annual event, hoping to get a deserving report every year.  I discussed this award concept with few of my friends and the response was very much positive.  
    • If you happen to be a print media journalist, then this award may be just for you. Please circulate the award statement file among your friends.
    • If you are a blogger, then please announce this award in your esteemed blog, along with the pdf file.
    • If you run a newspaper or work in a print media house, then please publish this, as I am not for a no holds barred campaign, as this award is a vertical one, focusing only print media journalists.
This award is instituted in the sweet memory of my dearest baby Shilpashree, who met with a fatal accident on 5th September 2008.
You can also read an open letter to Shri L K Advani, written yesterday. Apart from this, there are few articles on films and books, which are added recently. As promised earlier, you can expect more writings in the coming days.
Wishing you the best of democracy on the memory lanes of 1975-77 emergency!
Beluru Sudarshana

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