My knowledge base

My knowledge base

I am Technolegdable
Apart from journalistic writings, I have also written poems, short stories and essays. I have written several features on human interest, which have been published in various dailies and magazines. I am one of the leading translators in Kannada.
I have translated Grass Soup from English to Kannada and it was serialized in Vijaya Karnataka after I quit the daily. I have translated a mystery thriller Skull Mantra from English to Kannada. I have won prizes in two leading short story competitions in 2003. Another translation, Fire Under the Snow, the testimony of a Tibetan monk, is in the final stages of publication.
I have written the complete chapter on Internet for Kannada University, Hampi, for its distance education course in diploma in Information Technology. Now, I am writing a chapter on Technical Writing & editing, for the post graduate course in mass communication for the Kannada University.
I am akind of person who wanders in pursuit of secret and mysterious issues. I am working on a book Siribhuvalaya, which is a collection of alpha-numerically encoded charts. I have spent a huge money on this, hoping to unravel the mystery.
I play chess to a remarkable extent.
I am learning Hindustani Flute (Bansuri) and my daily practice gives me the strength to carry out variety of works at a given day.
I am one of the organizers of Madhyama Samskriti Abhivrudhdhi Kendra, the centre for media research and training, setup by leading feature writers in Kannada.
§ I can proudly boast that I am the best technolegdable Kannada journalist.
I work on portable disk drives. I have working knowledge of all the major front-end application softwares. You name any application software, I have it! I have developed five major websites. I am a recognized reader of, the premier technology magazine by MIT,USA.
§ Right now, I am developing my own website, the gateway for info-hungry netizens.

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